I am an abstract painter living in the city of Volterra in the beautiful Tuscany (Italy). My tiny studio is based in the historic centre of the city in an old alabaster laboratory that I completely restored two years ago with the help of my family.

I love the space where I paint and enjoy every moment creating new artworks.

Painting is fun for me and brings peace into my life. It always helps me to open my mind, to stay positive and in a good mood.

My highest goal is to convey that same peace to the viewer offering him a moment of happiness.


Born in: Volterra

When: 4th July 1981

When I started painting: in the period of adolescence when I studied at the “Istituto d’arte” (art school) in Volterra (1996-2000)

Studies / University: after the art school I tried to get into an important design school in Florence, but I unfortunately didn’t make it. It was a minor disappointment at the time, but I didn’t worry and I changed completely the direction of my studies and I enrolled in the faculty of foreign languages. Forgetting art? Of course not.

2005: one month after the university degree in German language, I moved to Bavaria (not far from Munich) where I started working for an hiking boot company.

2010: I married Johannes, my love, my friend, my colleague and even my personal motivator

Did I stop to paint? Never

Where did I paint: at home where there was enough space for the canvases and the whole painting stuff.

What I painted and what I paint now: figurative art & oil painting VS abstract art & acrylic painting

2021: wind of change! My 40th birthday, my first personal art exhibition and the purchase of my studio.

2022: after 17 years in Germany my husband and I moved / came back to Italy. A great step into a new wonderful future! A new job, new friendships and, finally, back home to my family and to my beautiful Tuscany!

In the meanwhile: I took part in many art prices and art exhibitions in Genoa, Lecce, Livorno, Milan and Florence.



Favourite acrylic colours: pink and blue

Guilty pleasure: a glass of grappa

Most inspiring trip: Munich and Berlin

Secret talent: cooking (and eating)

Dream retreat location: at the sea

Artist crush: Monet, Van Gogh, Cy Twombly

Hopeless at: maths